Five Reasons Why Software Robots Fail

Tivi: 5 syytä, miksi ohjelmistorobotiikka epäonnistuu (In Finnish)

The link above is an interesting article about software robotics, it highlights the reasons for success, and especially the reasons that may lead to the failure of software robotics projects. Software robotics implementations can go wrong just like any other technology project. Tivi’s article explains five reasons for failure. Below is a summary of the article.

  1. Hesitation of management
    “Project failure is more often caused by people than by technology.” About half of the experiments in software robotics do not lead to anything, because management is not ready for change. The software is not trusted enough to allow the processes to be automated.
  2. Lack of education.
    “It is critical for organizations to create a sufficiently large set of software robotics professionals who can evaluate the possibilities of automation”. It is essential to increase understanding of what software robotics can do and what kind of functions are sensible targets for automation.
  3. Incorrect use cases
    “In software robotics test projects, you have to find a balance between a sufficiently small and sufficiently smart one.” If the processes that are too simple are really automated, the benefits will be modest. The search for objects to be automated often reveals significant places where processes can be developed.

    The first cases of software robot use are critical. Based on these, it is then decided whether to continue the software robotics projects.

  4. Exclusion of information management and security personnel
    Information management is a critical component that should be involved in the design phase of software bots. The IT department and security employees must also be involved in software robotics projects to support the system in use.

    “Suspicion arises if departments build bots without the involvement of it people”

  5. Exclusion of developers
    “If the change management does not properly inform developers and the automated application changes break the automation, the customers consider the software robot to be guilty. An error can be caused by a program that is running in the background, but the software bot will cause it to crash. ”

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