Cooperation between Botlabs and the City of Oulu

On February 9th 2019, Kaleva said that software bots are now handling routine operations in the City of Oulu. This is a great example of what software bots are capable of. Routine clicks on information systems can easily be automated.

Botlabs is also working with the City of Oulu. Every month, our software bot independently collects employment data from different sources, such as jobseekers vs open jobs, and variables such as age, gender, occupation, etc. From this information, the robot compiles a document that the robot sends from its own email as an attachment to the recipient.

According to our experience, many reports (hour, KPI, realization, income, etc.) are of interest to many. With these reports, the customer receives up-to-date data from the information systems, and the software robot can help reduce reporting time and improve the quality of the reports. By combining data from different information systems, it is also possible to make reports more suitable for business.

The budget for a software bot suitable for reporting is only 100 € / month (VAT%).

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