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Let Botlabs help you surf the digital wave. We offer your business competitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and software consultation services. Modern web technologies, data analytics and DevOps methods are our areas of special expertise.

Our experienced team can help your business, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your core business!

Data security
Software development

Our expertise


Our RPA expertise is top-class. Software Robots from Botlabs are licence free, and are created using Robot Framework, powered by robotic libraries developed by Botlabs and the vast expert network of Robot Framework developers.


DevOps expertise is the backbone of our development work. We have accumulated a total of 20 years’ experience in CI, test automation and DevOps!


Subcontracting is an excellent way for businesses to hire exactly the right expert and to save money by letting us take things to completion with high quality. We scale our services to product development aligned with Agile, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe models.

Data security

We have accumulated data security expertise since the 1990s. We hold several certificates, and our experts have conducted scientific research in the area.

RPA benefits


Every task the robot carries out can be traced and saved


Process automation provides an error-free service 24/7/365


Robotic automation frees up staff to perform more complicated and demanding tasks


Robots can learn and they are easy to duplicate

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New logo for Botlabs

Heikki Anttila, 22/02/2019

Botlabs is getting a fresh look during the spring of 2019. The new look is first visible in the company's logo. You can also win a free RPA robot!

Article: Five reasons that can cause an RPA project to fail

Heikki Anttila, 21/02/2019

An article from the Tivi magazine discusses common causes for an RPA project to fail.

Botlabs and the city of Oulu in collaboration

Heikki Anttila, 19/02/2019

The newspaper Kaleva reported how software robots have begun handling routine functions in the processing of planning permissions for the city of Oulu. Botlabs is also collaborating with the city.

Robotic Process Automation - A new kind of office worker

Heikki Anttila, 13/11/2018

Botlabs offers your company modern robotic process automation and digitalization services.